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Lemonberry Lakes

Lemon poppy seed muffins? Yeah, those are awesome! Granola is pretty awesome, too. How about we combine the two?

Now let’s really go crazy and add some dried cranberries, lemon’s good friend. Mix in a few nuts to create a zingy citrus granola with just the right amount of crunch!

How we eat it: Straight up of course, or on our favorite yogurt. Nothing crazy.

Gluten-free rolled oats*, maple syrup*, cranberries (cranberries, sugar cane syrup)*, almonds*, coconut oil*, lemon extract (alcohol, lemon oil, water)*, poppy seeds*, almond extract (alcohol, natural oil of bitter almond, water)*, sea salt.

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8 reviews for Lemonberry Lakes

  1. Deb M

    A unique granola flavor! The cranberries and almonds compliment the lemon flavor making a very pleasing citrus and nutty combination. I love the small bags for snacking on the go, and are also a great choice for kids’ school backpacks or lunches! A healthy snack the whole family will love!

  2. Mary Meeds (verified owner)

    When the description said this granola takes like a lemon poppy seed muffin, I thought, ‘yeah right.’ But it does! I love that I can have a “muffin” in the form of health-filled granola. Yay!!

  3. Dallas Henderson

    A great fruity mixture that reminds me of fruity pebbles or fruit loops, but so much better!

  4. Becca

    Loving the yummy Colorado granola life! Absolutely love this flavor and brand!

  5. Barbie Corey

    This is the best tasting granola I have ever had and now I am sad mybag is empty. I am definitely going to order more of this sweet lemon poppy seed tasting granola and I will probably have to try the other flavors.
    My daughter bought this granola at Belmar and took me to the craft show so I could buy some and she was right it is really the best granola.

  6. Julia G

    This is my favorite Topoglow granola flavor other than Peak Baggin’ Pumpkin, which is seasonal. Love the bright taste of lemons and tart craisins! I eat it as an evening snack on greek yogurt or just on its own. Very high quality and full of flavor, as with all Topoglow granola. No hard chunks or stale/overcooked oats like the grocery store granola I used to eat… I definitely can’t go back after getting spoiled by Topoglow!

  7. Lynn

    Delicious with blueberries and Greek yogurt!

  8. Carol Rockholt (verified owner)

    While on a road trip through Colorado we went to the farmer’s market and had the lemonberry lakes and Aspen Orange granola, both are so delicious. When we returned home the granola we bought here never tasted as good as Topoglow, so glad it is available on line. Both are so fresh and perfect on yogurt. We will share with our friends and family.

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