Alpenglow Granola?  Topoglow Granola?  What’s going on?!

Without getting into the details of it all, we were forced to change our name.  We are now Topoglow Granola (a combination of amazing high country topography and awesome alpenglows)!  We’re still the same granola company making the same 100% organic granola (with no added refined sugar).  The name might have changed, but nothing else has.

Over the next couple weeks and months we will be transitioning from Alpenglow-branded materials to Topoglow-branded materials.  This is universal and applies to our online presence, booths, packaging, etc.  It will take time to complete the transition.  Please excuse the mess…

We have a lot of amazing products and projects in the works including new flavors, expos, and festivals.  We couldn’t be more excited to share all of this with everyone and we look forward to taking Topoglow Granola to the next level!

Thank you for all of the incredible support!  You guys are truly amazing people.

Glow your granola!

T. & D.

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