Thank You for 2019!

It’s January 1st, 2020 so that means we made it through another granola season!  We just wanted to take a couple minutes and thank everyone who supported us in 2019!  Topoglow Granola took us all over Colorado, and we shipped more places than we ever have before (including Dubai!).  We made new friends, kept some old ones, and met so many amazing people every market or event we went to.  2019 was definitely busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  THANK YOU so much for the support, for loving Topoglow Granola, and for appreciating the finer details of organic premium granola.  You know what’s up!

Cheers to 2020!

T. & D.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to US!  We just celebrated our 1st business birthday and we couldn’t be happier!  It’s been an incredible first year, with so many memorable experiences and friends along the way.  We’re just getting started and can’t wait for the summer market season to really kickoff (officially June 6th in Estes Park).  Come out and see us and get your granola on.  One year down–many more to go!

Glow your Granola!

T. & D.

2019 Season!

The summer market season is right around the corner and we’re ramping up to have things ready!  Our market schedule has been finalized so we can share our markets with you! Drumroll please…

  • Estes Park, Thursdays, weekly (Starting 6/6/19)
  • Dillon, Fridays, weekly (Starting 6/6/19)
  • Longmont, Saturdays, 5 markets throughout the year (1st market is 4/6/19)
  • Erie, Thursdays, just a couple throughout the year (1st market is 5/16/19)
  • Golden, Saturdays, every other week (Starting 6/8/19)
  • Highlands Square, Sundays, every other week (Starting 6/9/19)

In addition to our rotating market schedule we’ll be participating in onetime events throughout Colorado.  So far we can confirm that we’ll be @ the Denver Fetch Spring Market, 4/12-4/14, as well as the Fort Collins Earth Day Celebration 4/20.  We’ll be adding more dates and events so keep an eye out for updates!

Looking forward to seeing everything again for the 2019 market season!

Glow your granola!

T. & D.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

What an amazing end to such an amazing year!  We’re happy to have a little break between Christmas and the New Year, but we’re excited and ready for 2019!  Here are the highlights from 2018:

  • May: Launched Alpenglow Granola @ the Louisville Farmer’s Market
  • July: Forced to rebrand, but also introduced Lemonberry Lakes to the world
  • August: Sold our 1,000th bag
  • September: Took Topoglow into the high country @ Dillon and Estes Park markets and welcomed Peak Baggin’ Pumpkin to lineup
  • October: Sold our 2,000th bag of granola and moved into our commercial kitchen
  • November: Wholesale accounts and shipping throughout the United States (so many boxes!)
  • December: Holiday markets every single weekend, 3,000 bags sold, opened a store on Etsy, and fell in love with Wassail

We’ve met so many amazing vendors, making some of the most amazing products in Colorado.  We feel lucky to have such an awesome group of market friends to help us guide us.

2019 is already shaping up to be another busy year for us with markets throughout Colorado (and beyond) as well as some other cool things in the works that are still hush, hush.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us any way you could!  We truly wouldn’t be here without you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in 2019.

Glow your granola!

T. & D.

Shipping Across America!

Once upon a time, a girl and a boy started selling magical granola in a beautiful little village called Colorado. All the villagers loved the granola, but people in the neighboring boroughs were sad that they were unable to get Topoglow across village lines. Every day, the boy and the girl worked tirelessly to meet the rules of the regulatory kingdom. Today, everyone’s dreams come true and their delicious granola is now available from sea to shining sea.

Glow your granola and treat yourself to some magical Topoglow with code: GLOW15

— 2,000 —

The summer market season is officially over for us. It’s been an incredible journey!

I left my corporate job at the end of April and we had our first market May 19th. Diane and I didn’t know what we were in for but we were motivated and willing to try. Our goal the first market was to “just sell something.” We sold something that day. Our next goal was to “sell enough to cover our booth fees.” We always covered those. From there we got crazy and said if we sold 500 bags we would be beyond trilled. It took us awhile, but we hit 500 bags in July. In August, he hit 1,000 bags. In September, 1,500 bags. Yesterday, on the final day of our summer season, at the market that started it all, we sold our 2,000th bag of Topoglow Granola.

We are so grateful for everyone’s support throughout our inaugural season. We’ve met some of the most amazing people and heard some of the most incredible stories from vendors and customers alike. The stories of struggle and failure, of self-doubt, and having everyone question if what you’re doing is “right” resonated with us daily. Owning a business is not easy.

The market community is like a family, and we’re so happy to have been apart of so many different families. To our families in Louisville to Highlands Square, Estes Park to Dillon, THANK YOU! You are all truly amazing people, and we couldn’t have done any of this without you. Hard work has never felt more satisfying, and you all work harder than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

2,000 bags is a huge milestone for us and one we won’t soon forget. We have no plans on slowing down, in fact, we move into our commercial kitchen NEXT WEEK.

Glow Your Granola!

T. & D.

Get Your Fix with a Granola Subscription!

Topoglow Granola is awesome but running out is a real bummer. Don’t get bummed out, get a Topoglow Granola subscription instead! We now offer subscriptions for most flavors and sizes bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. You want a 10oz bag every 2 weeks? SURE! How about a 5 pound bag of Lemonberry Lakes every other month? Why not?! Get the granola you want on your terms and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus… always FREE delivery within 35 miles of Longmont, CO or FREE delivery with a subscription of $99 or more. Subscriptions must be placed within Colorado state lines… for now. 😋

Glow you granola!

T. & D.

1,000 Bags of Topoglow Granola!!!

We hit a HUGE milestone today at the Highlands Square Denver market… we sold our 1,000th bag of Topoglow Granola!

When we started at the Louisville Market mid-May we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t know if we’d even sell a single bag. We ended up having a great opening day and heard loud and clear from those at the market that Topoglow Granola was as amazing as we knew it was! 1,000 bags later and we’re still just getting started. What a trip!!

Thank you to the wonderful woman in the photo (bags 1,000 and 1,001) and everyone who has supported us from the beginning. You guys are the reason why we keep going!

1,000 bags down. What’s next?  Oh yeah, finishing the transition from Alpenglow to Topoglow.  🙁

Glow your Granola!

T. & D.

Please Excuse The Mess

Alpenglow Granola?  Topoglow Granola?  What’s going on?!

Without getting into the details of it all, we were forced to change our name.  We are now Topoglow Granola (a combination of amazing high country topography and awesome alpenglows)!  We’re still the same granola company making the same 100% organic granola (with no added refined sugar).  The name might have changed, but nothing else has.

Over the next couple weeks and months we will be transitioning from Alpenglow-branded materials to Topoglow-branded materials.  This is universal and applies to our online presence, booths, packaging, etc.  It will take time to complete the transition.  Please excuse the mess…

We have a lot of amazing products and projects in the works including new flavors, expos, and festivals.  We couldn’t be more excited to share all of this with everyone and we look forward to taking Topoglow Granola to the next level!

Thank you for all of the incredible support!  You guys are truly amazing people.

Glow your granola!

T. & D.

Dates Added: Highlands Square Market

Quick update on Highlands Square Market for everyone.  We’ve added a couple dates to our previous schedule because we love the Highlands Square Market!!  Below is the revised schedule:

  • July 1st
  • July 15th (Added)
  • July 29th
  • August 5th
  • August 12th (Added)
  • August 19th
  • August 26th (Added)
  • September 2nd
  • September 9th (Added)
  • September 23rd (Added)
  • September 30th

This is in addition to the Erie Market on Thursdays, 5PM-8PM, and the Louisville Market on Saturdays, 9AM-1PM.  More information on the Highlands Square market can be found HERE.

Hope you see you guys at one of the upcoming markets!

Glow your granola!

T. & D.