What is a Topoglow?

It’s the combination of the reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains (ie, an alpenglow) and amazing high country topography!

Why does your granola taste so yummy?

It’s a combination of 100% organic ingredients and mad granola making skills. All of our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, so our granola is crafted using the highest quality, most flavorful ingredients we could find. We only make what we would eat ourselves and that means yummy granola goodness all the time. If three picky kids agree on it, we know our product is a keeper!

Where is your granola made?

Our granola is handmade in small batches in a commercial kitchen in Longmont, CO.  LoCo all the way!

Where can we find Topoglow Granola products?

You can always find and order Topoglow Granola online at www.glowyourgranola.com 24/7.

During the summer months you can find us at Farmer’s Markets all over Colorado.  During the winter and holiday season you can find us are various artisan fairs and events.  Check the News section and our Instagram account for current events!


Is your granola certified organic?

Although we use 100% organic ingredients, we are not certified organic. We hope to gain this certification in the future.

Is your granola gluten-free?

We use organic gluten-free oats in all our flavors so everyone can enjoy our delicious granola. All of our ingredients are naturally gluten-free. However, since our granola is baked in a non-gluten-free certified commercial kitchen, we cannot claim to be gluten-free.

Is your packaging recyclable?

No, unfortunately not. The laminate interior liner prevents the bags from being classified as recyclable. The bags themselves, however, are made from recycled Japanese kraft paper.

Where can you ship your granola?

Throughout the United States of America!

What’s the best way to eat your granola?

Anyway you want! We love to eat our granola straight out of the bag as well as on some of our favorite foods. Play around with it and get your glow on.

Can you provide wedding favors?

Absolutely!  We can provide any of our delicious flavors as wedding favors in 2.5oz or 10oz bags.  Additionally, we can customize flavors upon request.  Add some custom printed labels and you have an amazing Colorado-made gift that all your wedding guests will enjoy!