Fueled by spoonfuls of tasty granola, we finally find ourselves here on launch day, where months of our time, energy, and creativity come to fruition! The last half a year has been full of many learning opportunities and many trips to the compost bin with burnt or not-quite-right granola experiments. But here we are today, with five of our favorite creations to share with you. We believe our awesome, smooth, premium granola will elevate your breakfast, snacking, and dessert experiences!

Today we launch, and in one week we make our official farmers market debut on May 19, 2018, at the Louisville Farmers Market on 824 Front Street. There is still so much to do before next weekend!

Do yourself a favor and use coupon code Launch Week! anytime in the next week to get 15% off your entire purchase. Launch some tasty oats and nuts onto your tastebuds.

See you next Saturday at the Louisville Farmers Market!  Samples will be a’flowin’.

Glow your granola!

T & D

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